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Getting Married In Thailand



The romance, opulence and raw beauty of Thailand has captivated visitors for decades. From the remotest of islands, to the vibrancy of Bangkok, getting married in Thailand is an experience designed for those who love to celebrate love and life.

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Thailand is a country of thrilling contrasts, from the neon glamour of the cities to its tropical palm fringed beaches and historic sites that celebrate the cultural or religious. A destination wedding in Thailand can’t help but be an intoxicating, thrilling experience, whether you opt for a celebration in the heart of the jungles of Chang Mai or one steeped in beachside luxury on Coconut Island, just off Phuket.

Alongside fantastic weather (average temperatures 26°C-31°C) Thailand is ultra convenient – a much loved holiday destination for so long, travelling here is simple, whether internationally by air or over land as part of an ongoing adventure from countries like Cambodia.

For food lovers, getting married in Thailand is pure bliss. There are lots of traditional wedding dishes to sample, such as foy thong, a Thai dessert made of egg yolks and sugar syrup worked into long threads to symbolise everlasting love.

Sticky rice, mango salad, coconut soup, fresh fish and curries areusually followed by an array of sweet desserts. Wedding receptions in Thailand can really vary. Some start around 6pm and end at a respectable 11pm (perhaps followed by a karaoke bar). Others can be mini festivals that go on for days. Wherever you go to get wed in this country you really are spoiled for choice, especially when it comes to beach locations. The white sands of Koh Samui, quiet shores of Naka islandor eco-friendly Koh Koodare just a few locations to browse to find your ideal wedding venue in Thailand.

Getting married in Thailand is an experience that is easy to tailor to your heart’s desire. Beautiful sunsets and enchanting rainforest, exclusive resorts and stunning coastline all seriously elevate your overall wedding experience.


insider note...

There are lots of different Thai wedding traditions and incorporating these into your ceremony feels more culturally respectful than appropriating. The water pouring ceremony, a Buddhist blessing or wearing mong kols (traditional Thai headdresses) can make the moment feel very special and personalise your big day.

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Thai Baht

Language Spoken

Thai. However, generations of visiting travellers mean that you can easily get by with English.


If you’re trekking, Hepatitis B and Rabies are recommended. Otherwise, just up to date Tetanus, Typhoid and Hepatitis A.


Towns such as Bangkok, Khorat, Ubon, Ratchathani and Phitsanulok have an extensive local bus network. However, often the best and cheapest way to get around is the characterful songthaews (tuk-tuks).

Public Holidays

Thailand has a long list of public holidays, most of which take place in July, August and December. The biggest are Chinese New Year (15th February), Constitution Day (10th
December), and the birthdays of the King (28
th July) and Queen (12th August) with their corresponding holiday days, which happen a day or so later.

Good Time to Go

Thailand is primarily great weather wise all year round. We'd suggest weddings..East Coast: June - Sept. West Coast: Nov - May.

good to know

Sawasdee is the Thai equivalent of ciao, used as both hello and goodbye. Expect to use it often, as Thailand is one of the friendliest nations in the world. Other key phrases to remember include: sabai deer u (how are you?), khob khun (thank you), chai (yes), mai chai (no) and yin dee ton rab (welcome).