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I’m Jasmine and together with my husband, we are Mr & Mrs White – your couple behind The White Edit. I’m so pleased you found our shiny new platform.

We created The White Edit to help couples with the search for that perfect, knock-your-guests-socks-off, one of a kind, destination wedding venue.

Our pages are full of inspiration, helpful guidance and of course, our hand-picked selection of destination wedding venues around the world.

We use the term ‘Destination Wedding Venue’ pretty loosely; all in all we just LOVE a killer space abroad, whether that be a glorious chateau in the South of France, an olive grove in rural Northern Spain or a boutique beachside hideaway in Mexico.

Join our community of lovers, as we re-invent the way we explore, plan & book a destination wedding.

Incredible is out there, we promise, and it just got a lot easier to find.

Welcome to The White Edit.

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our company’s little love story

As one half of the husband/wife duo behind the scenes, I started out in the industry running a beautiful new wedding venue on the South Coast of England. Fast forward a few years and my own Wedding & Events Planning company was in full swing, and I myself was a be a bride-to-be. My husband and I planned our own wedding in Spain in 2018, and it was during this process that we realised just how difficult it is for couples from the UK to actually find many of the wonderful venues that Europe and the rest of the world have to offer.

We couldn’t help but notice a substantial gap in the market for a comprehensive and suitably stylish website that could streamline the process of finding and booking the perfect destination wedding venue. We want The White Edit to plug that gap with its inspiring, informative and (we hope you’ll agree) beautiful format.

We envisioned a site full of beautiful visuals & enticing locations with an array of to-die-for venues and spaces. We longed for inspiration, but also all the need to know information.

I couldn’t help but wonder how on earth other couples were managing to navigate this process when I, as a planner, found it seriously lacklustre trying to do so. The search variety mirrored an out of date destination wedding cliché (you know the one) and respectfully, the run of the mill ‘destination wedding’ is no longer limited to such a type – your options as a newly engaged couple on where to wed are pretty much endless, not to mention super exciting.

You just needed someone you could trust, with the relevant experience to curate these for you.

So we ran with it, and out popped The White Edit.

We hope you love it.

Incredible is out there