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When we refer to a destination wedding, we simply mean anywhere around the world that is not your home turf. Whether that be a far flung location or an internal flight away.

We also use the term ‘venue’ pretty loosely here at The White Edit as our venue collection consists of everything from your readily established wedding venue – may that be a hotel or similar, but we also absolutely love a non traditional venue, think more along the lines of warehouse, vineyard, farm, or even temple ruins (oh yes, watch this space!)…the lot. We pride ourselves on hand picking venues to be featured, we don’t just feature any old venue. If we’d highly recommend a venue or space to our closest pals, they’re in.


This ones easy. Send a message via their individual venue page, you’ll find a button underneath the top 3 featured images that says contact. This button will take you through to a pop out form, just complete the form and this will be sent directly to the venue to respond.

Please check your venue’s cancellation policy which should be detailed in their T&C’s. This will vary per venue.

The My Edit section gives you access to all your saved venues, allowing you to re-visit them anytime you’d like. You’ll also find a collection of helpful downloadable resources and a space for you to fill out your own personalised profile. We have lots of exciting things in store for this section so watch this space!

As we’re only a small team working behind the scenes, it’s not really feasible for us to maintain an updated availability calendar for each venue. You can however, request availability via our contact form (found on each venue’s individual page) which is then sent directly to the venue.

You will need to book directly with the venue once you have visited and established their booking procedure. We’re just here to put you in touch with awesome venues. It will usually be a deposit payment to secure your booking so you might want to do this over the phone once home having looked through their T&C’s etc or you can do this in person whilst you’re visiting just be sure to read through all the booking documentation.

Sidenote. It is important that you discuss your venue’s payment structure in detail with them. We’ve created a downloadable checklist of questions to ask your venue when you visit here which covers this. We advise having their payment structure in writing via email and keeping a copy of your signed documentation. Please also bear in mind the foreign currency conversion and any implications this might have.

We’re working on something special behind the scenes, but for now we suggest researching suppliers local to your chosen venue or asking your venue for their recommendations. If you’d like to ask us for any recommendations we’d love to help. Get in touch via our contact page.

There are many wedding insurance providers that can cover you in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. Purchasing wedding insurance is a personal decision so with that in mind weโ€™d suggest doing a bit of research to see if it’s something you’d need. Someย providers do offer specific overseas wedding insurance which might be preferable if you’re having a destination wedding.

The venue itself should have Public Liability Insurance which will protect them against any damage to the property, or in the event that someone injures themselves whilst at the property.